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Living and working in the cultural desert that is Abu Dhabi. Loving the tax free pay and 4 hour flights to Sri Lanka though. Every cloud...

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» Annoying words and phrases

Scrabble for cover...
I was reading that Mattel the makers of Scrabble have allowed proper nouns and names into a new version. Their marketing department have probably 're-genned it to fully immerse the playstation generation'.
You can imagine the scene, crimbo 2010, old uncle Tarquin and Aunt Elsbeth who've managed to get within 2 points of each other with 'egregious' on a double word (obviously going across another word) and 'cygnet' with the Y on a triple letter.... then Barry (Bazza) the 14 year old 'wigga' from Wolverhampton slams down 'JayZ' on the only 4 spaces available over the triple word score. Bazza: 'Tarquin, Elsbeth can I axe you ... ave' you ever done a 69'er cos you have just both been done by MY 69-er innit, boom, game over'
(Fri 9th Apr 2010, 16:01, More)

» Caught!

watching porn whilst your missus is in the shower...
..Should definately be re-classified as an extreme sport.

An extreme spurt if you will.
(Sun 6th Jun 2010, 17:40, More)

» Caught!

It's a bit off topic but....
There was a programme on the telly about mistakes in translation using online translations.
This one guy put in the well known phrase 'out of sight, out of mind' he then translated it into Russian then translated the result back to English and it came back as 'Invisable idiot'

TV is really shit in Abu Dhabi, god i need to get out more!
(Sun 6th Jun 2010, 19:47, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

It's the 'New...'
Take your pick...
'Staying in is the new going out'
'Brown is the new Black' (although i suspect he may be feeling black on May 7th)
'The Jobcentre ticket machine is the new watercooler' .... etc...

I don't mind if they're original but when people trot out the same clich├ęd phrases it get's annoying.
(Sun 11th Apr 2010, 4:01, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Reverse snobbery,,,,
So here's how it works; Let's suppose you were born into a family on a sink estate in say Salford, Lancashire. Unfortunately individual expression at your local comprehensive school is a bit of a no-no. Kids know how to say 'Hospital' and 'Custard creams' however they also know that to say this will mark them out as 'trying to be posh' and therefore a target of abuse, hense; 'hospikal' and 'Custod kreems' etc.

I feel sorry for these kids as its undoubtedly a massive hurdle to overcome once the bright ones strive for bigger and better things later in life. That said some of these little shits nicked my (chained up) mountain bike out of a (double locked) shed in Salford but that's another story.

I guess this reverse snobbery has gone on for years...
My Grandad (gawd' bless im') grew up in a very deprived area of Manchester near to Man City's old ground (Mayne Road) and his brother Jack worked in an abattoir, now they all knew how to pronounce this but because it's originally a French word and sounds a bit poncy ('Pretentious,Moi?')then abattoir became 'abba-tyre' and I suspect it still is if anyone can confirm this.

So to sum up, these words are a defence mechanism in rough schools and fair play to anyone who didn't succumb to this pressure and endured the casual abuse that resulted.
(Sat 10th Apr 2010, 5:27, More)
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