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A while ago, I wrote a book that delivers a disturbing insight into the way that justice really happens for the little guy who can't afford a solicitor and is a must for anybody doing a law degree.

Set in Manchester, in John Major and Tony Blair’s 1990s, this roman a clèf is a true story of how Alan Rush, an ordinary worker for a multi-national chemical company, finds out more than either he or the company he worked for really wanted. The following cover-up involves the deliberate release of carcinogens and mutagens into the local environment, conspiracy, computer fraud, the darker side of government, telephone tapping, suspicious deaths and other incidents relating to and in the aftermath of a disastrous court case.

There is far more to being at the centre of a case like this than malicious telephone call logs, encrypted emails and wondering what to say to a delivery man with a pizza you didn’t ask for.

You can buy it from Amazon.com, Lulu.com and probably anywhere else.

This book is a must for anybody doing a law degree - it shows how bad the dirty tricks can get in a real case and just how destructive it all is.
Let the Devil Wear Black

My pictures say more about me that is of any relevance so...

James Linden

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