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Just some dude who does stuff and goes places. I also know people and things.

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Americans find Saddam...
living in the past as Saddam Husseinstein

(Sat 2nd Aug 2003, 15:20, More)

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» God

Why I'm a Scientologist
Looking for a peaceful religion what were my options?

Christianity - symbol of which is the cross, an instrument of death and torture, used to kill their own leader.
Judaism - their symbol? They'll tell you it's the star of david. Fuck off, I know a deadly ninja shuriken when I see one.
Islam - not sure what their symbol is, but suspect it to be a stick of dynamite.
Buddhism - all peaceful, right? Shame they worhip the fat, bald, obese god of heart disease.
Jedi - didn't work outg for their poster boy Anikin, did it?
Pasafarianism - get you japanese tentacle-porn noodly appendage the fuck away from me.

Scientology on the other hand has aliens, ghosts, spaceplanes, and nuking volcanoes from orbit (it's the only way to be sure). How awesome is that!!!
(Mon 23rd Mar 2009, 17:28, More)