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» Flirting

White Russians
It was an average Saturday afternoon when my friend and I decided to go to a bar for some much-loved alcoholic beverages. Our excitement was short-lived, as they had no working beer taps. Cocktails and alcopops were to be our only source of liver-damaging goodness.

We have a quick flick through the drinks menu, and I quickly decide on a White Russian. Hey, it contains milk which strengthens bones and that has to be manly, right?

So I'm at the bar with my friend and I get the first round. I turn to him and ask him if he, too, would like what I'm having and before he answers, I order mine.

Me: "I'll have a White Russian, please!
Sam: "Oh, I'm not sure whether to have the White or the Black Russian."
Sam then turns to the barmaid and asks the following:
Sam: "What do you recommend? White or Black?"
Barmaid: (thick Russian accent) "I would go with the white because I am also a white Russian."
Sam: "Ok, can we get 2 White Russians then?"
Me: "...Make that 3."

I then proceed to give the worst wink in the history of my life, and this from someone who has to do an exaggerated face movement in even the best of them!

Barmaid: "You would only be able to afford 2."

Oh, the shame.
(Tue 23rd Feb 2010, 15:09, More)