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» Annoying words and phrases

Good times
Utter redundant nonsense. Saying 'good times' over an awkward silence, during a bout of alcohol intake or int he midst of any otherwise enjoyable convresation will not create good anything.

Following on, '[blank] times' seems to have become an epidemic. Apparently the times we live in can be variously good, bad, sick, lol (lol times? really?) and so on till we all die of shame.
(Thu 15th Apr 2010, 10:29, More)

» Starting something you couldn't finish

I'm a horrible person
Every Thank You letter I've even contemplated writing.

I know it's a nice thing to do, but I seem to be incapable of thanking my aunt for the Jamie Oliver cookbook she bought me for Christmas...
(Fri 25th Jun 2010, 15:37, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Speaking of vitriol
My mum says 'vicktriol'.

She's intelligent, and I don't think it's on purpose. But good Christ.
(Thu 15th Apr 2010, 11:42, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

Effing biblical
I had a friend a Uni called Zara (or something like that) who came out with the most adorably gormless things I've ever heard. Once, talking about our grades, she informed me that she was 'clinically slow'.
Once asked me which month had thirty-three days in it.

Her best was during some drunken bickering, as I'd just snogged somebody's psychotic ex in a darkened club.

Injured Party: You fucking Judas, frecklebomb.
Zaria: What's a Judas?
IP: You don't know who Judas is?
Z: Oh, it's a person!

Bless her, she seemed really happy to be in the know after that...
(Tue 23rd Mar 2010, 14:08, More)