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» Bad Management

Company rules give me extra time in bed
About 10 years ago i started at a new electrical contracting company,on the Monday i go to the office, get introduced to the lads, load up my van with materials and get given a job to go to that should see me through the rest of the week.
Next day,the Tuesday i get to site for 8 o'clock just getting my kit out when the phone rings, it's the boss asking my whereabouts, why are you not at the office he says, my reply being that i had no need to go there as i had all my materials so thought i'd go straight to site and start work like any other decent company would.
"We don't do that here" he says, people would just turn up late all the time, all the other lads report to the office at 8 o'clock whether they need anything from here or not.
"Fair enough" i say, so every day after that i poked my head through the office door to say that i was at work for 8 before getting in the van and going to site, never once actually starting any work before half 8.
Worked out in my favour though as the office was literally two streets away from where i lived so i could leave the house at 1 minute to to get to the office, rather than the half 7 i would have had to get up for to get to site for 8.
I didn't stay there long.
(Thu 10th Jun 2010, 17:41, More)

» Worst Band Ever

Over 370 stories in and not one person's mentioned ....
The Kaiser Chiefs, Leeds finest bunch of losers.
Words cannot describe how much i hate this mindless toss, their songs could have been written by an 8yr old schoolchild all with the inevitable whhhhooooaaaggghhh here comes the chorus after every verse.
I had the misfortune to walk by them whil'st they played at Glastonbury once. It was the worst moment of my life.
(Tue 4th Jan 2011, 20:31, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

An ex girlfriend of mine
used to pronounce the words bottle as 'bockle' and skeleton as 'skel-ing-ton'.
She was in her thirties at the time.
(Sat 10th Apr 2010, 7:04, More)