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» Cars

The future's orange
Whilst a few of us passed our tests before my mate Sid, none of us had regular access to a car. When he passed, his parents bought him an oldish bright orange VW golf. It was a bit of a wreck truth be told - if you lifted up the carpet on the drivers side you could see the road underneath. Sid was also too scared to drive his car on motorways - he once crashed into a skip whilst driving at 5mph, so his reluctance to take to the mways was probably best for all concerned. We had to make le mans style driver changes if we ever needed to go out of town. The car didn't have a stereo either and we didn't have any money to buy a decent one, so we ended up using someones ghetto blaster placed on the lap of the front seat passenger. no idea how much we spent on batteries, but it was certainly more than a decent cd player would have cost. Also whenever we filled up with petrol we never put in more than £3.57. I like to think this figure was reached due to some complex calculations about the efficiency of lugging around 50 litres of fuel, but no, we were just tight.

good times
(Sun 25th Apr 2010, 1:20, More)