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» Theft

I stole a copy of Abbie Hoffman's book 'Steal This Book'
but i wish i hadnt, it was fucking shit
(Wed 13th Nov 2013, 11:55, More)

» Messing With Their Head

Make your housemate go to the toilet in their trousers by following these simple steps:
1. offer to make them a cup of tea
2. bring an empty cup to them and drop it into their lap, oops!
3. Watch as they leap out of their seat in expectation of a scalding groin shower
Not subtle but works every time
(Thu 16th Apr 2015, 18:40, More)

» What Makes You Cry?

Man's futile search for answers
as he tumbles desperately through the void towards his inexorable extinction

That, and the bit from the Truman Show where he meets his dad on the bridge but its all fake
(Thu 14th Aug 2014, 6:58, More)

» Body Horror

One time i was bored at home and decided to while away the time
trying to see if i could fit a jam jar inside of my anus.
And wouldn't you know it, motherfucker broke while it was in there!
Hurt like a bastard.
Thank god i gave the videotape i made of the incident to my brother for safe keeping.
(Thu 11th Jul 2013, 18:33, More)

» Ignored Advice

B3ta - You'll Never Leave

(Wed 21st Nov 2012, 19:25, More)
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