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» Creepy!

Pripyat (for those who don't know) was the city built by the Soviets to house the workers and families of those who worked at Chernobyl. After the 1986 disaster it was completely evacuated and since it is within the zone of exclusion, it has been totally untouched for almost 25 years. A Russian photojournalist drove through a few years ago and took pictures. Some are jsut abandoned buildings but there are a few where there are rooms full of posters declaring "Soviet Triumph" and pinned pictures of families just left. The family pictures, for some reason, creep me out far more than the rest.

(Sun 10th Apr 2011, 13:12, More)

» Drunk Parents

Drunken Parents
My dad is a respectable man now, but when he was younger he ran off to join the Royal Navy at the earliest opportunity. Now we know that sailors like a wee tipple every now and then and this is his worst moment.

When i was only a few months old (30 ish years ago) my mum was at home with me while my dad was at a formal dinner at the Naval Base he was stationed at. About 3am there is a banging at the front door and my mum rushes downstairs thinking something had gone horribly wrong.

There were two military policemen standing at the door with my dad hanging dead drunk between them. One of them asks my mum "Is this yours?" before depositing him on the sofa and leaving.

My dad is a legend.

(Thu 24th Feb 2011, 21:46, More)

» Cars

Fun in a Van
Last year I was coming back from Warwick one Saturday morning in a works Van. Driving up the A1 near RAF Leeming (what a bloody horrible piece of road that is) I overtook a car and as I came back into Lane 1 the steering went all light and then snapped over to the left.

Last thing I remember was the left wheels hitting the kerb and then coming round sitting in a van with a smashed windscreen. I then looked at the rest of the van -

* The cab roof was bent down to within about an inch of the top of my head
* The stereo had come out of the dash completely and flown out of the passenger side window
* Both doors were jammed into the supports by the force of the crash

I ended up having to knock out the drivers window and climb out through that, miraculously not cutting myself in the process. Walked back to the road to see a police car screech to a stop and ask me if I knew whether there was anyone in the van. Replying I just climbed out, he didn't believe me so I turned back around to look at the wreckage.
From the gouges and lumps taken out of the field the policeman reckoned i had rolled over six times before coming to a stop. Paramedics then shot up behind us as I was giving a statement and gave me a once over. The only thing they could find wrong with me was I had cut the back of my hand knocking the window out. I didn't even have an elevated pulse.

I think i was probably the luckiest bugger alive to walk away from that unscathed.
(Sat 24th Apr 2010, 14:11, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

Fray Bentos
I love the pies and I love this advert :


P.S. b3ta cherry popped!
(Thu 15th Apr 2010, 19:25, More)