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» Training courses, seminars and conferences

British Gas Farce
Going back a fair few years i used to temp for British Gas. Due to de-regulation new gas suppliers were coming in and in their infinite wisdom management decided to create some kind of presentation of how these new suppliers would fit into the industry and what the threats were to the business etc....

So me and all my other temp buddies were all called up to the top floor of the office which was unused, to find out what was going on. A curious sight beheld us. We sat down in rows infront of what was a large "race track" with a man (with a mic) on a lectern in the middle. After a brief introduction we were told that competition would be very much like a race.

Then to my utter disbelief the management came out in racing outfits and cardboard cars strapped to them to run around this track whilst the man with the mic provided Murray Walker type commentary.

We sat there mouths opened as the race went on for some time whilst the cars over took each other in a kind market prediction type way. I cant really remember if it helped at all but the sight stayed with me for some time. It was only later i discovered that the man with mic was then a jobbing Jon Culshaw, must has been seriously strapped for cash.
(Fri 16th Mar 2012, 11:23, More)

» Weird Rituals

Talking to newsreaders
I constantly find myself saying good morning, good afternoon etc.. to newsreaders on TV especially on BBC Breakfast. I often sit in bed munching on my toast and drinking tea with Mrs Kenneth doing this. i have to elbow her if she forgets as i'm a stickler for politeness. She often refuses though if its Susanna Reid but curiously not Bill Turnbull hmmmm
(Mon 19th Dec 2011, 18:34, More)