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Please read this in my voice (Wiz a véry strong french accent)

I'm an IT manager in a familly-sized company in Paris' Suburbs.
You don't like french people ? neither do I.

Formerly searching in the application of "Web 2.0" in enterprises (so called "Enterprise 2.0", the last manager's todo in My World 2.0 (No I don't like Bieber, I hate him (is that enough parenthesis ? (I'll close'em all now)))), then realized it was all about making things work like in a small business, but in a corporation, and fleed to the small business world.

Oh, And I'm about a quarter of century.
I never deny my own words, so you can find the information to come and beat me up on my Facebook profile

I only have a few skills in html and css so you will hardly see me post an "I did it" label.

Anyway, I love you b3ta, I love you Internet, And I'll love you "les rosbifs" when you'll get off my lawn.. err.. my normandy.

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