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» Cars

It started well...
... but ended up with me looking a total knob.
The day before I married my amazing wife she surprised, nay flabergasted, me with an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. It was to be mine for the whole weekend. Words could not express how extatic I was. Needless to say the wedding went out of my head immediately, I had an Aston to play with!

The loving wife had also arranged that I had nothing to do all day on the Friday. Off I went, not giving a care to the scornful looks of those in the village as I roared through the village (ooh the sound!). And so it was for the whole day until a spirited drive up the Rugely bypass with a mate. POOF! and we are surrounded by smoke. Ballsocks! There is no way to describe the thought that you have just killed an 80 grand car.

Trundling to a stop outside a school (at home time no doubt), with a bus and lord knows how many cars stuck behind me. I felt like the worlds biggest plank, but still grinning ear-to-ear because I was in an Aston!

Will cut it there as it does go further, with discussions with the rental company etc. It did end "happily" of a fashion. The guy ended up grovelling to me think he had messed up the whole wedding!
(Tue 27th Apr 2010, 12:34, More)