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Largest Duct tape job ever?
Me and the mrs GTA travelled around Australia in a keenascampers campervan for 6 weeks. On the last leg home, we were gonna camp near sydney. It was a slightly damp day and as we were driving i saw blue lights coming up behind us. I indicated and slowed to a stop. 15 seconds later we were rammed at the back by the new South Wales fire department which caved the whole back end of the bus. It still drove though!

We were escorted to the nearest town where i bought a temporary tailbar with the lights. but....we still had 2 hours to sydney. it was a whit van, so we bought 3 rolls of white duct tape and created a 'false rear' of the van and drove without a hitch into the capital.

When we got back to the hire place, the aussie in charge said it was the most impressive van repair he had ever seen and took many photos.

I uttered the party line. If it cant be fixed with tape, it cant be fixed.
(Sun 13th Mar 2011, 16:14, More)