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» Class

I live in Scunthorpe.
Sometimes I find myself looking down on people, then I remember they are people and I feel guilty.
(Sun 23rd Mar 2014, 21:41, More)

» Acting out your fantasies

Homoerotic confusion.
For some reason I used to fantasize about being Aladdin's (Disney) friend. Then a little later I think I fancied/fantasized about the lad out of the heap of shit film 'jungle 2 jungle'.

I intended to finish this post by remarking how absurd it all was as I'm now completely hetero but thinking about it I bet cock isn't that bad.
(Thu 20th Feb 2014, 10:43, More)

» Acting out your fantasies

Roses are red
An often violent hue
So please mind your head
As I swing this pool cue
(Sat 15th Feb 2014, 10:13, More)

» Dodgy boozers

I live in Scunthorpe, all the pubs are shit holes.

(Tue 11th Feb 2014, 2:50, More)