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Woman in her late 20's with a lust for life and a flexible spine...

Alt. 30 something Geordie, residing in Manchester with a penchant for food, films, and music. All kinds.

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» Why I Love/Hate Britain

I love being British
We have sarcasm and irony for a start.
Imagine being a merkin where everything is face value?

I love our passive aggressive-ness. I love how we queue patiently.

I love how we have beautiful countryside, mountains and cities side by side.

Im not overly fond of our yob culture, abused benefits system or politics.

Could be a lot worse though, when you look at Middle Eastern troubles.
(Thu 3rd Oct 2013, 17:24, More)

» No Self-Awareness

New parents
Seem blissfully unaware of others, especially when pushing their new brood through city centres in a three wheeled tank.

(Thu 29th Nov 2012, 14:08, More)

» "Well, that escalated quickly"

I just got some 70's style bathroom flooring done.
They were in and out within half an hour.
I thought to myself "that tesselated quickly"
(Mon 13th Jan 2014, 14:14, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

The feeling of euphoria from dropping the kids somewhere for a short while.
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 14:06, More)

» Halloween

*raises handbag*
(Mon 26th Oct 2015, 11:10, More)
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