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» Ouch!

We all know how painful stubbing a toe is, right?
Well, at the age of about 14, due to having played a football season in boots that were slightly too small for me I started to suffer from bad ingrowing toenails on my two big toes. The Doc decided that best thing for it was to remove both nails under a local. Kind of uncomfortable, no problem.

Once the nails had grown back however, they start to 'ingrow' again. This time the Doc decides the best solution is to remove the nail beds (no more toenails for the young Buddha). This basically involves making incisions at the base of the nail and scooping everything out. After an overnight stay in the hosp I was packed off home with a fuck off bag of painkillers and told to keep the bandaged stumps raised for a week.

Quite happy I was as a youngster to spend a week lying on the couch with my feet up watching cartoons. That was until the day that I got up to hobble to the kitchen and proceeded to stub my toe on the end of said couch. All I remember is briefly thinking "oh, no" before waking up some time later in the foetal position clutching my foot.

Child birth? Pfft
(Fri 30th Jul 2010, 22:26, More)