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» Cunning Plans

Shoplifting masterplan!
1. Steal power pack for Grandstand electronic game.
2. Use it.
3. Return to store for refund on `free` item.
4. Get caught because they figured this out.
5. Bring shame to family.

True story, hey don't judge me it was the 80's.

(Wed 11th Jul 2012, 16:04, More)

» Morning After Souvenirs

Antibiotics - Avengers Assemble!
Was at my nieces the other night, was quite drunk, getting my stuff as I was leaving the house, picked up the rest of my whiskey, the new issue of Empire and other bits and for some reason picked up my nieces boyfriend's antibiotics. (I can't remember or have no idea why).

Returned them the next day, and to cut a long story short missed out on seeing Avengers with some mates!.

Ah well going to see it this afternoon.
(Sat 28th Apr 2012, 11:20, More)

» Petty Officials

Don't help promote our cinema/films!
Walking out of watching a film at the Odeon, and saw a poster for the newest Thing movie, decided to take a picture to let my friends know it was coming out. A staff member told me to delete the picture from my phone due to copyright.

I restored karma though by going to see it twice at another cinema.
(Tue 1st Apr 2014, 21:48, More)

» Shops and Supermarkets

Thunderbird 4, Halloween 3, and Honey Monster
Hey some random random memories...

1. In Woolworths downstairs where the toys were, when the `new` Thunderbirds was out, you know the one with the Busted song on it! Anyway overheard somebody parents saying, who lets get all the Thunderbirds toys, so I quickly snapped up the only Thunderbird 4 because it's obviously then best one.

2. I can remember in Discount Giant buying Halloween 3 on VHS and I still own it, and it's nice heavy plastic too, not none of this digital copy whatchamacallit!!!

3. Oh yeah I saw Honey Monster in Normid and he scarred the piss out of me !!!

(Sun 13th May 2012, 15:22, More)

» Iffy crushes

deborah meaden
You can imagine what it would be like, right.
(Sun 9th Oct 2011, 10:57, More)
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