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» Worst Band Ever

Ghost Dance
Remember Gary Marx? I faked being swedish press to get into Marquee Moon for free and watch this ex sisters of mercy dude launch his new group (and an EP I think).

It was the most horrible drivel my ears have been subject to to date. At least live.
(Wed 5th Jan 2011, 18:59, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

Jim Reid once told me to fuck off

(Mon 24th Sep 2012, 12:48, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

Had a beer with Nick Cave back when he was good in 1989
One beer.
At the same table but a very long table.
And he was giving an interview at the time.
But still he nodded and raised his bottle and seemed a bit nervous.

A nice occasion, he was reading from his then new book. We were about 40 people there to hear him read.
(Sun 23rd Sep 2012, 9:37, More)