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» Guilty Laughs

A couple of years ago,
Not long after we started our A-levels, my mate's mum sadly lost her battle with cancer. It obviously affected him terribly, but after a few days it became clear to all of us that it was best just not to talk about it...

So a few days later I was catching the bus with a few mates. We got on, but for some reason the bus driver wouldn't take my mate Josh's pass; he kept saying it was invalid. Being witty as we were, this now became somewhat of a running joke: whenever Josh said something, the reply would be "shut up, you're invalid".

A couple of days after that incident, Josh says something, and my mate whose mum had died replied with the now standard "shut up, you're invalid". At this point, barely two weeks or so since the passing of his mother, I decided it would be appropriate to respond to this by saying "No, your mum is invalid".

Immediately, I was dragged out of the room by another mate, of course telling me that I was well out of order. As soon as the door closed behind us, he cracked up and said "that was fucking brilliant. Tescos?"

If you're reading this, sorry mate.
(Tue 27th Jul 2010, 3:28, More)