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Aint beeen here in ages.....probably forgot how to tattieshop now....woops!

hugs and Kisses xxx

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Goldfish bowl
probably done...but I'm on a roll today!

(Mon 20th Jan 2003, 15:07, More)

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» Dentists

Pulled a tasebud out
Weebear1975 spoke of a helix thingy and I can only assume she had the same paraphernalia in her mouth as me.

As a thumb sucking addict I too was given tracks for my goofy teeth (I had the set - blonde dodgy afro style Christmas tree hair, goofy teeth and puppy fat). I also had this piece of metal put in to prevent me being able to get any suction (ahem) when I put my thumb in. I likened it to the element in a light bulb. It looked like a capital W hanging in the centre of my mouth.

Yes it stopped me sucking my thumb but it also meant I had to relearn how to talk and eat. But the horrors go on…….

My tongue was forever getting stuck in it and one day the instrument hit back by stealing from me a taste bud.

You know how it feels to have a burn taste bud - i.e. your whole head feels it.. Well this thing was pulled out but attached and I could experience the whole range of hideous sensation and pain till I reached in and ripped it off.

Had a hole in my tongue for ages after that.

Mind you because of the goofy teeth I taught myself amazing tongue trickery…..perhaps save that for xmas parties…..
(Fri 3rd Nov 2006, 14:55, More)