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hmm have a website, rondette.com
erm and I likes this place!

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» Shoddy Presents

Father Christmas
I think I was about four or five when I went to the Father Christmas who was residing in the local covered market.

He gave me a DUSTPAN AND BRUSH. to a five year old. Yeah, cheers.

The next day in my school journal I wrote about this experience. 'I went to see father christmas and he gave me a dustpan and brush'

when it came back from marking the teacher had noted 'Lucky girl!' Even then I could see the sarcasm dripping off the page.
(Thu 23rd Sep 2004, 13:23, More)

» Crappy Prizes

Local Christmas Fair
In one of the raffles I won......

A packet of 3 minute noodles. Lidl ones, by the looks of the odd german writing, so the ticket probably cost more than the prize.
(Sat 6th Aug 2005, 9:18, More)

» When animals attack...

I got bitten by a mouse a couple of days ago that one of the cats brought in. Whilst trying to rescue the little fucker from a gummy death (one of our cats has no teeth)the thing sank it's pointy sharp yellow teeth into my finger.
Kismet caught up with it though. One of the cats brought a very similar looking dead mouse in today. That'll learn it.
(Mon 6th Jun 2005, 22:19, More)

» Jobsworths

Car Rental too!
Like Mr.Jelly, I also work in car rent. If a customer is very rude or unhelpful, or in a hurry when they bring the car back (we get lots of 'better than you' types whizzing through) I like to try and ask them as many questions about where they left the car, is it full of fuel, any damage, etc. It is fun to watch them get close to the point of shoutyness but not quite because, after all, you're only doing your job.
Car rental is a REAL Jobsworth job. There are so many ways of thwarting people's progress. Some of them fun. Some of them not. Like when a lady turns up at 11pm with a voucher and no credit card and we can't do the rent because we need to take a deposit, and her mother has just died, and she starts crying and there's nothing you can do. Real nice.
(Thu 12th May 2005, 18:24, More)

» Claims to Fame

Oasis Relation

My Granddad's sister's daughter's son is Andy Bell, bass player in Oasis. This makes him my second cousin once removed. I think. Never met him.
(Wed 2nd Mar 2005, 11:40, More)
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