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» Lies that got out of control

In work...
...a woman was laughing at me because I had matching-odd socks on (they were the same patern but one was pink and white squares while the other was blue and white squares) so I say to her "why're you laughing at me?" to which she replies "could you not find a matching pair?" pointing to my colourful ankles.

Not wanting to have to go through the ball ache of trying to explain to a 40+ year old woman that I kinda like having socks that are the same in one way yet different in another, I decided it was easier to say "they are the same... Oh no I've done it again. I'm colour blind you see" at which point she looked like a wave of guilt hit her in the face and says softly "oh I'm so sorry love, my son's colour blind as well I know how bad it can be so sorry" then the guilt must've moved onto my face, but I'd already gone too far so I couldn't admit to it now.

A few days later I'm playing on a "colums" style game on a friends iPod, in which you had to match up all the colours and in walks said woman just as my friend shouts "you fucker can't believe you beat my high score" to which she replies "How did you do that? I thought you were colour blind?"

I haven't spoken to her since

(first post, take it easy)
(Thu 12th Aug 2010, 14:52, More)

» What was I thinking?

When I was 17
I had been chatting to a girl I met through a friend for a while and one day arrange to meet her in town for a bit of shopping and generally hang out. AFter visiting whatever shops she and I needed to she suggested we go back to hers as noone was in, being an innocent young TaZ I say yeah sounds good.

We gets to her house and she puts some music on and I raid her CD collection decided she had quite decent taste with the occasional awful band which is to be expected. After a while of chatting about music and other things I'm using her computer while she does something or other and she says "don't go routing through my folders there's some naughty pictures I don't want you seeing" "of course not hunny" I said (mistake number 1)

Then a little while later she says "don't look over, I'm just changing my bra this one's annoying me" "of course not hunny" I says...

I regret never looking through her pictures or at her to this day, damn my innocence and naivety. We slowly drifted apart only for her to tell me about a year later after losing contact for a while that she thought I was too nice for not sneaking a look and that things would've been alot different if I'd have had some balls. Oh if only she knew me now =[
(Fri 24th Sep 2010, 15:38, More)

» Stupid Colleagues

This one girl
In my current workplace thought that Mt. Everest was in scotland... I don't need to say anymore *facepalm*
(Fri 4th Mar 2011, 6:21, More)

» Broken Promises

I promised her...
... I would stay faithful. I then promised her, that I had kept my promise, I was desperately trying to dig up
(Mon 6th Dec 2010, 19:00, More)

» Redundant technology

My Sega Megadrive
Is still in complete working order, and does get used. I have it plugged into my 37" tv though... Which does look rather odd, but Streets Of Rage, Sonic and Toejam and Earl will never be beaten.

I also have my N64 hooked up to it as well, souly for Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye
(Thu 4th Nov 2010, 21:16, More)
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