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» Bullshit and Bullshitters

back at school
when i first started at my secondary school, i made the huge mistake of telling everyone that my nan was eaten by the loch ness monster, and several other lies...

i never lived that one down for the rest of school life and i was at that school for 6 years, biggest mistake of my childhood.
(Thu 13th Jan 2011, 20:42, More)

» Horrible things I've done to a loved one

old school prank went bad.
okay this is kinda mundane but when i was at high school we had a cemetry out the back of the school and my house backed onto the cemtry at the other side...

one particular year me and a couple of mates tried to pull a prnk on a couple of friends by placing masks etc throughout the graveyard.. i even used the guy intended for 5th and made it look like someone had hung themselves...

so feeling quite proud we set the bait and sat to watch... half an hour later and my younger sister finds the bait and walks into the GY, queue much screaming and running back home...

good news is the guy worked like a charm, bad news is my parents moved house because my sister was so scared of the gy, and my xmas was also canceled that year..

still don't care though, it was worth it.
(Tue 21st Jun 2011, 6:09, More)

» Redundant technology

old tech huh,
well upto last week i could still watch my old VHS stuff, nothing like watching mortal combat in really bad quality to take you back, i have a huge collection of records that still get played, ranging from brass bands to jasper carrot, stil have hooked up and occasionally play:

PS1, Nintendo Gamecube, SNES, spectrum and my fave, my old amstrad 464.
oh and one of the many tv's we have is still black and white.
(Sat 6th Nov 2010, 9:32, More)

» Things to do before you die

hmmmm... lets see
this took some thinking, but i'm sure people will agree with me... but just once before i die i really want to....

finish that last damn level of Sonic the hedgehog on the mega drive.

it drove me nuts.
(Wed 20th Oct 2010, 3:40, More)

» Complaining

i hate public libraries!
10 years ago i borrowed a book about the battle of thermopiything. read the book and returned it within 2 weeks. 2 weeks after the due date i recieved a letter asking me to return the book and informing me of the late fees etc... rang the library telling them i have returned the book which the librarian confirms.

cue many months of letters and phonecalls flying between me and the council for the book... i swear the librarians they had were on the wrong side of thick, each time i rang up and confirmed that this book was indeed returned and was not outstanding a letter would arrive about a month later... this went on for about a year and a half in total then the letters just stopped.

i have no idea what happened to that book, and as far as the council is concerned i still owe the library for that book.
(Mon 6th Sep 2010, 3:39, More)
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