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Happy 13th Birthday Google

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(Tue 27th Sep 2011, 17:45, More)

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» Waste of money

I bought a strawberry trifle from Tesco on Tuesday
The bag broke and it fell on the floor,leaking everywhere
Cost £1.50

I was sad after
(Thu 30th Sep 2010, 15:09, More)

» The B3TA Confessional

I shot the deputy
and tried to blame it on some singer who had previously shot the deputies boss
(Thu 26th Aug 2010, 15:11, More)

» Heroes and villains of 2011

Just for one day
Heroes -
Me, for not only getting my boss the sack for being a bullying over-delegating cunt, but also making him leave the country. (OK, Scotland, it still counts)
Hackney Woman who shouted at the thieving cunts, sorry "rioters"

Villains -

The bloke who does the voice over on Come Dine with Me - Smug unfunny cunt
Ed Sheeran - Precious, whiny, flash in the pan cunt (and i didn't even use the G-word)
The entire Greek Parliament - Mismanaging terrible repercussions for us all cunts
Emma West - Moronic public transort using racist cunt
My central heating - Non functioning on coldest day of the year ubercunt
People who like their own statuses or comments on Facebook- self congratulatory cunts
Lionel Messi - Too talented for his own good envy making wondercunt

Happy 2012
(Sun 1st Jan 2012, 22:14, More)

» Complaining

the other side
I have worked in the complaints departments of two very large companies, one a multinational insurance firm, the other a UK based tour operator. I have in equal measure been appalled at the service people have recieved which has led them to complain, but also by the things people will complain about. My all time favourite is from the tour operator when in the early nineties I received a letter from a family that went on holiday to Costa Dorada. Along with the usually uncleanliness and noise that most people complain about they had in all sincerity complained that when they turned on their television in room, all the programs were in Spanish. Costa Dorada is in spain.

I photocopied it and kept it for years.
(Fri 3rd Sep 2010, 13:02, More)

» Worst Band Ever

Drop Dead Fred
I never really hated Queen, I thought lot's of their songs were written cynically to be played over and over at things like sports events (we are the champions etc. However the day after Freddie Mercury died my sister suddenly became their biggest fan, despite shwoing virtually no interest whilst he was alive. Cue months and months of non stop Queen albums, grating at my very soul.

I still stand by the fact that all their songs are shit as well
(Fri 31st Dec 2010, 19:08, More)
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