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» Awesome teachers

Is the..
..story of an inspirational English teacher too hackneyed to repeat?
Short version then - this guy was wonderful. He was a year from retirement and so spent most of the days retelling stories of teaching in the "bad old days" - bruises, blood, black eyes. The kids got an even worse deal.

The concept of a structured lesson didn't sit well with him, leaving those of us who were paying attention bereft in an old man's train of thought. From Emily Dickinson to EXACTLY WHY WE SHOULDN'T BE LANDING ANYTHING ON MARS, all in between Civics and Maths. Highly effective, somehow.

As one of the non-lummoxes of the class I was volunteered to make a little speech on behalf of the class at his retirement. I put a lot into it and in the end made him cry, which I still feel guilty about.
(Wed 23rd Mar 2011, 22:00, More)