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» Lies Your Parents Told You

Don't pee in the swimming pool
because the water turns purple and we'll know. Enforced by the fact that we were told this as we watched them pour powdered chlorine in the pool; supposedly the tell-tale chemical.

However a few years later - much older and wiser, we used this parent-con to good effect with the other kids that would use our pool (or at public centres on some occasions). A small amount of Condy's Crystals (Potassium Permangenate) in the pockets of the unsuspecting victims board-shorts before they jumped into the pool would leave clouds of purple water behind them. Closely followed by all of us in on the gag yelling and pointing - URGH!!! Mum, Mum, *******'s peed in the pool!
(Sat 17th Jan 2004, 6:45, More)