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» Churches, temples and holy places

Probably wrote the most sacrilegious song while sitting in a churchyard tree in the rain
I was a late teen, and irritatedly sitting in a churchyard holly tree in the rain (St. Martin's I believe). I had my guitar, and despite my bitter hatred of 'country and western', a song percolated from my brain. At that point, "Your Church Makes me Vomit" poured forth, and instantly became a very popular local ditty;
(just the chorus, so this doesn't get tossed) - chords GCGDGCGDG
Your church, your church makes me vomit, your church, your church makes me sick. Your church, your church makes me vomit. To be honest it's utterly... (next verse).
20 years on, I still get random requests for it - damnit!
(Fri 2nd Sep 2011, 1:48, More)