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» Dad stories

That Dad!
My dad is a strange one, but sometimes I forget how strange until I introduce him to other people.
For example, when he met my long-distance boyfriend over Skype for the first time, he kept his head out of the camera view until the last minute... when he revealed he somehow had replaced his normal eyes with two chicken eggs.
Luckily, I'd moved past the stage of teenage mortification with him, but... really, Dad?!
He also:
Plays the beach ball bagpipe.
Enjoys regaling our neighbourhood with saxophone Xmas carols every year, played from our rooftop so everyone can hear them (by the way, we found out he did this by coming home early one night. Turns out he thought we'd disapprove [which we did], so he'd do it when we were out).
Runs his age in miles every year (despite not being able to walk to following week after every single time).
Used to drive a car whose door was only held shut by means of umbrella.
Once had a conversation with my boyfriend using only guitar chords.
Did performance Morris Dancing.

There are tons more, but to cut this short, my very favourite story revolves around his employment at a ski resort.
My dear dad was hired to teach ski lessons at a nice ski resort, but the lodge demanded he pay them to live there while he taught. He deduced that the cost of living there basically meant they would just keep his paycheck, so he said, "FUCK THAT!"

And built an igloo.
(Tue 30th Nov 2010, 4:33, More)