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Homicidal volcanology

Another googlewhack gallery entry
(Tue 29th Jan 2002, 17:18, More)

Sooty is a sociopath

(Mon 28th Jan 2002, 8:18, More)

Children should be green and not heard.

(Wed 23rd Jan 2002, 7:58, More)

Nazi Cat

(Thu 17th Jan 2002, 7:12, More)

My Granny could knit a lovely spencer...

(Wed 16th Jan 2002, 9:47, More)

Andy Crane related to Midge Ure by any chance?

(Wed 16th Jan 2002, 6:14, More)

Richard's a seminal figure
Not suitable for persons of a nervous disposition
(Wed 16th Jan 2002, 0:38, More)

It's that loveable rogue...
Arthur Dalai!

(Tue 15th Jan 2002, 14:37, More)

Another variation

(Sun 13th Jan 2002, 13:46, More)

is Morph's revenge...

(Sat 12th Jan 2002, 2:33, More)

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