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» Dad stories

My dad is no Charles Bronson but..
While walking into town one day, making his way through the churchyard, two youths aged approx 18 in his estimation, were loitering on the pathway. One of them, scoffing chips from a Mcdonalds, decided he didn't want the rest and tossed them all over the path.

My father hates litter and has a quick temper (it would also appear he hates hooded youths) upon tossing his highly nutritious meal on the ground the lads continue chatting. My dad, now stopped in disbelief, staring at the litter bug says "what was the point of that?" Receiving only a middle finger in reply, my dad snaps, throwing a right hook at hoodie number 1, the contact is spot on, he goes down like faster than a fire extinguisher being handled by a student. Rude boy number 2, shows his spunk by cowering to his knees and screaming for help.

Job done, thinks my dad and turns to continue his walk. Then he notices a copper at the end of the path watching him. My dad says he felt sure he was in the shit, but kept walking. Passing the rozzer he notices plod has a slight smile, then the copper winks at him and says "morning sir", and my dad carries on.

We can only assume he saw the whole thing, and rather than get involved, let a 57 yr old man deal with the tossers???

He isn't violent btw, never touched me, my brother or mum in his life, I think they just flipped him the bird on the wrong day?
(Mon 29th Nov 2010, 22:27, More)

» Complaining

Phallic logo awards
and the winner is......

got to complain about that, I nearly choked on my kit-kat laughing, made the additional error of leaving it on the screen and seeing it again while mid drag on a cigarette and ended up choking all over again.

damn you!
(Sat 4th Sep 2010, 22:01, More)