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A complete and total Frenchman, right down to the outrrrrrageous accent. Fond of bananas, spraypaint, synthesizers and rollerblades.

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» Horrible things I've done to a loved one

Apparently Vegetables can be bastards too
She shat on me during sexytime...

..I changed the locks and the phone number. Best breakup ever.
(Mon 20th Jun 2011, 20:54, More)

» Easiest Job Ever

I work part time in a hardware store's floor department, so ostensibly I'm a carpet peddler and purveyor of objects to walk upon. I make about 5 pounds every hour..

..Long before the store opens. I'm only there for about an hour when it IS open, which is long before anyone really wants to truck big loads of heavy tile and carpetry about. So I spend most of every shift sleeping on the toilet, and then I walk out and collect my pay.

No one seems to notice or care. Even the store manager just smiles, chats at me for a moment, and wishes me a good day. Been a couple months now; Made around 800 pounds that way working four hours every morning but Sunday.
(Wed 15th Sep 2010, 3:00, More)