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Long-time lurker, recent member. Trying to restrict B3ta usage while I'm busy getting a web-site built. In early 40s, just about, slightly geeky but isn't that the point of the site ?


- Reading (mostly fiction, stuff like Douglas Coupland, Paul Auster, Iain (M) Banks, and many others)
- Listening to music (all sorts, loads of oldies, plus that more modern stuff they call Dance)
- Real-life friends (yes, I have a few)
- Trying not to get a cat, although I am tempted
- Films (Mr Nobody is brilliant. Only available via Torrents, highly recommended)
- Long walks when I can be bothered. Not often enough, given my current guttage level
- Wasting time on the Internet
- Cooking

Anyway, nice to be here and all that.

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» Random Acts of Kindness

When I was 12, and used to walk to school
there was always an old man sitting by the window of a basement maisonette, watching the world go by. When I caught his eye, he waved at me, and so every day I used to wave back at him, and be greeted with a lovely smile. I guess he was lonely, like most old people living on their own are.

When it came to the end of the December term, I gave him a Christmas card and some chocolates. He cried.

This was back in the 70s, before all the witch-hunting about paedophilia. Nowadays I guess everyone would think he was perving over the schoolchildren. Sad, how the world is now, isn't it.
(Thu 9th Feb 2012, 14:44, More)

» Ignorance

Here is in no particular order my top 10
- Religion. Before science, OK, people needed a reason for why things happened. Now Creationists have to come up with "well God buried the dinosaurs to test our faith". WTF !!! If there is a God or Gods - where is the smiting, eh ?

- Pseudo-religious bullshit as in the dread phrase "put it out into the Universe and it will happen". Yeah, sure it will. I blame Noel Edmunds.

- Noel Edmunds and that dreadful pick a box programme. FFS there is no science involved ! It's chance, pure and simple ! See also - which lottery balls come out, which brings me onto...

- The National Lottery. It's a tax on poor bastards who use it as a way of dreaming that life will change. It won't. "If my numbers come up" - yes, well, carry on dreaming sucker, your money is just being used to provide services that should be state funded.

- Psychics. Should just be shot, every last fucking one of them, preying on poor credulous fools who haven't got "closure" after someone's died. They're dead, they can't talk to you any more.

- Homoeopathy. "Water has a memory". Fine, I'll just replace my SSD with a bowl of water then.

- "Lucky" numbers, colours, days and so forth, rabbit's feet, St Christopher medals and all the rest of it. Damn sure there are many such "lucky" emblems still attached to corpses on WW1 battlefields. It sure worked for them.

- The Daily Mail.

- Conspiracy theories. Apart from the Bilderberg group, these are all rubbish. Sure, the Americans are clever enough to bomb themselves and not a word of this ever got out.

- The "War on Terror". Sure, let's have a war AGAINST A FUCKING EMOTION. See also "The War on Drugs", another long-term 'war' that's really working well. Has no-one ever read George Orwell ?
(Thu 30th Aug 2012, 12:33, More)

» First World Problems

A couple of years ago I heard on Radio 4's "Today" programme
how a load of African immigrants were trying to get to Europe, and setting off in make-shift rafts etc across the Med., and landing on some small island that Italy owns which is the closest EU-owned piece of land to Africa (yes, I know Gibraltar is the closest point to Africa, but I suppose it depends where you set off from).

Anyway, these poor bastards had risked life and limb, were starving, had left their homes and all their belongings behind to try and seek a better life elsewhere. Christ knows how desperate you must have to be to think that going somewhere where you might end up in prison, you don't speak the language and you're going to end up if you're lucky right on the bottom of the food chain is better than staying put.

What boiled my piss was the reaction of some English tourists - saying how horrible it was that on holiday they and their kids would have to see these poor half-dead people landing on the beach.

(Thu 1st Mar 2012, 12:41, More)

» What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

Where's Gladly ?
My grandparents were God Botherers, so I had to go to church frequently as I spent a lot of time with them in my childhood. One Sunday when I was around 3 or 4, apparently I searched the church at the end of the service, looking for "Gladly".

"Who's Gladly ?" my grandmother asked.

"The bear ! The bear with the funny eyes ! We sang about him last week ! Where is he ?"

My Gran couldn't work this out - we'd sung about a bear ?!? I was too young to go to Sunday school - there was no such thing as cr├Ęches back then, so what on earth was I on about ?

A quick chat with the verger to go through the hymns sung on the previous Sunday, and it all made sense:

"We shall now sing hymn number 311 - 'Keep Thou my Way'"

which contains the line:

'Gladly the cross I'd bear'.
(Wed 18th Jan 2012, 20:36, More)

» Heroes and villains of 2011

Without being too "Daily Mail"
I would say hero of the year (excluding all the people we don't know of who work tirelessly looking after others, in any capacity) would be the "Big Man" who kicked that scrote off the train in Scotland. Simply because places like trains, buses, cinemas, concerts etc are all too often full of wankers who don't know the basic concepts of correct social behaviour, which is designed (in most part) to encourage understanding and consideration for others. If we all grew a pair there would be no more chavs playing shitty music out of their phones for us all to hear, wankers talking during concerts or films, etc etc.

Villains: All the apologists for the unrest going on in Syria at the moment; the President and politicians who dismiss the talk of 5,000 civilian casualties as somehow acceptable. Ordering your troops to fire on or torture your citizens - I hope they get theirs, and then some, in 2012.
(Thu 29th Dec 2011, 16:59, More)
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