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Lurking for at least a decade but only just made an account.

I am yet to escape the gravitational pull of MS Paint. I’d draw you all a magenta cock, but it looks like you have enough lying around.

I like Taramasalata. Do you? If not, why not? You can dip anything in it. Even more Taramasalata.

Taramasalata is pink, and so am I. Sometimes I bite my own fingers. This is ok though, because they are covered in Taramasalata.

I have the Lemming as an Icon because I am cheap. I’d give B3ta more money but I’m a poor internet church mouse. Do not underestimate my love of this site and my lurkage. I know everything and everyone. Sometimes I follow some of you. I know where you live. You know who you are because I mailed you some Taramasalata. Eat it!

Keep making stuff to make me laugh out loud while I eat Taramasalata.


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