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» Why I Love/Hate Britain

the NHS.
That organisation has helped me and so many friends and relatives over the years.
I saw a couple of girls at last week@s demo in Manc with 2 separate placards. One said , thanks NHS you fought for my mum. The other said, now I'm here to fight for you. Fucking great, the NHS. Saved me a few times.
(Thu 3rd Oct 2013, 20:38, More)

» School Assemblies

I puked once in assembly,
and for years was known as "the boy who puked in assembly".
In infant skool, we had to pray to a God I didn't believe in, even at that tender age. I remember a kid putting his hand up, and grassing another kid up for not having his eyes shut during the Lord's prayer. "How do you know", asked Mrs Horsley, the psycho head teacher. Cunning bitch.
(Thu 13th Jun 2013, 18:07, More)

» Funerals II

Been to many the past few years.
Dads was a bummer, the state I was in. There was a piss up with relatives the night before, I got up early day of the funeral to tidy up for the old dear. There was shed loads of half empty cans and bottles, so I hoovered these up. Realised I was drunk, and with the weed and Valium I'd boshed, I could hardly stand, so it was marching powder for to get me walking in a straight line. so, sorry dad, I was out my fucking skull for your day in the crem. Still miss you mate.
At least I was reasonably sober for mums. Miss you too, like anything.
(Sun 14th Apr 2013, 21:01, More)

» Christmas Tales

I got a rather disturbing Xmas card the other day,
from fuck knows who.
Addressed to (christian name)Leafy. It had a key in and a poem.
Find your key,
Keep it in a special place,
Around your neck,
Or in a tiny space,
Enjoy the break and festive cheer,,
This key will unlock doors next year!
From "Digging Deep", with a picture of a heart and a spade.
Edit, also it had a first class stamp on, but hadn't been franked, whoever it was who delivered it, possibly did it by hand, and he managed to get through the security lodge. I think I may have an official stalker :(
Creepy man, creepy.
(Sun 22nd Dec 2013, 17:15, More)

» School Assemblies

We had a "special" assembly, when I was in the 3rd year, an afterschool one.
A kid had been playing hockey, a 2nd year, and had complained to twat of a games teacher about feeling a bit ill. Twat being a twat, he told him to carry on, a few minutes later, kid collapsed and died. We found out after the postmortem he had some congenital heart thing. Still gave the teacher shit for ages though, photos of the kid put into his pigeon-hole, messages on the blackboard etc. Twat teacher lasted till the end of the school year, then had a breakdown and packed in teaching.
His parents donated his snooker table to the school though, so something positive came out of it. Happy days.
(Tue 18th Jun 2013, 16:19, More)
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