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» Misheard and Misunderstood

'S' is for...
When I left school, I pretty much walked straight into an IT operator job at a firm down the road. Completely new at it and was responsible for removing printouts, distributing overnight reports, fixing mice and replacing parts etc etc etc.

One of the tasks involved ringing up suppliers when computers had broken and this was my first attempt. Upon instruction, I duly ran off to the purchasing department for a P.O., filled it in and then got myself on the phone.

Operator: 'Hello, XYZ computers...'
Me: 'Hi, can I order a replacement Hard Drive for a failed machine..'
Operator: 'Certainly, can you tell me the make and model?'
Me: 'Yes, it's a WD blah blah blah'.
Operator: 'OK, can I take a P.O. number?'
Me: 'Yes, that's S456567'.
Operator: 'Is that S for sugar'?
Me: 'Sorry, I don't know what it stands for....'

What a cock.
(Tue 2nd Sep 2014, 10:47, More)