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» Worst Band Ever

Toby Keith
Mostly contained on the north american continent there is a great plague. One of my finest creations since the bubonic plague.. until it boiled out of control and is now infecting my current city of choice. It spread from the trailer park society in the south, first the walmart stores, then the rabid nascar fans.. now their music of choice.. "country." Now there is a ton of pop country that while bland is no worse than what the Beatles did in the past.. and then theres toby keith.. with such hits as "whiskey girl", "I love this bar", "beer for my horses", and "courtesy of the red white and blue"
Please don't help this twangy hick spread in whatever corner of the world you are reading this in.. or you too may end up drinking budweiser, driving a pickup, and realizing how maybe your sister is also the woman of your dreams at which point its too late the infection is complete.
(Wed 5th Jan 2011, 0:48, More)