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This is Orange, I am not.

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Prolly bindun?

First post in a while, play nice!
(Tue 10th Jan 2012, 22:51, More)

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» Trolls

Just before Blazin' Squad had their 10 minutes of fame...
We bought up blazin-squad.com (the official site was the .co.uk), The holding page was a soundboard of the band saying things along the lines of "I'm scared of the dark" and "I've just wet meself, on purpose", it loaded to Macho Man by the village people.

We added a forum to the site so see how many brain dead groupies the site would score, making sure add a few word filters, buff= gay, fit = chubby etc.

This ensured not only confused fuckwit fans, but also huge flame wars due to people going onto the forum and apparently slating the band.

"WTF I didn't say Kenzie was gay I said he was gay!"

Still, we never did get any money for the domain name :(
(Fri 20th May 2011, 22:39, More)

» Pet Stories

I have just got my cat home,
and the little cunt has fucked off up the chimney and is avoiding being grabbed by hissing and biting. I shall call him sooty.
(Fri 8th Jun 2007, 20:32, More)

» Bad Smells

WHSmiths, Cambridge, way back when I were an awkward teen;
I let rip a silent-but-violent and when rounding the top of the aisle, found a you lady checking her baby's nappy... Oops!
(Sun 19th Jan 2014, 17:51, More)