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Long time Lurker.

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» Stupid Colleagues

Coffee break time, and for some reason conversation got onto how poor we all were growing up. Nothing major, as no one had a really deprived upbringing, just; no holidays/dodgy homemade xmas presents/could never afford Heinz baked beans sort of thing. Our receptionist felt she must contribute something, but all she could come up with was "we were so poor one year we almost had to sell the pony". Her face looked for sympathy, she got increduality.
(Fri 4th Mar 2011, 17:04, More)

» Misunderstood

weird egyptians
Was out visiting my sister in Egypt when she was teaching English in Cairo. Travelled a bit for a weeks holiday with her and ended up in Luxor. We went to a fairly nice restaraunt and ordered drinks, but my sisters request for an Iced Tea got a look of incomprehension, so we repeated it....The drink arrived shortly after and it was indeed a cup of steaming hot tea with 2 ice cubes in it. Gah. He just didnt understand you say? THEY SELL CANS OF LIPTON ICED TEA AT EVERY BLIMMIN STREET CORNER...still, most amusing :0)
(Tue 11th Oct 2005, 17:40, More)