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» The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

Crumbly Treat
Many years ago I was eating a snack while in bed. What the actual snack was escapes me, but the important part was that it was extremely delicious but also extremely crumbly.

After I had eaten my full, I noticed that there were a number of tantalising scrumptious leftover crumbs for me to hoover up. So I began to flick them hungrily into my mouth while also feeling pretty clever that I was cleaning the mess off my bed in the process.

Now also lying on the bed was the family cat, poetically named 'Tiger' by me in my formative years. Tiger was a real farm cat, meaning that she was a bit (a lot) disgusting. She dribbled uncontrollably when she was excited, and a sinus infection had meant that she constantly breathed in a hoarse, wheezing snort. She was also totally deaf, and her ears were always filled with brown infected gunk.

Extremely crumbly brown infected gunk.

It took me seconds to realise what the large crumb I'd just put in my mouth was, but the memory of the hideous taste and the consequent vomiting have lived with me forever.
(Thu 2nd Jun 2011, 15:32, More)