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» Stupid Colleagues

Can't remember how the subject came up...
...but after saying something about an abbatoir I had to explain to a colleague that no, butchers don't leave animals to die of old age before we can eat them, actually people are a little more pro-active in the process. She was appalled.
(Sun 6th Mar 2011, 20:31, More)

» Drunk Parents

my dad and I....
...once had a heart to heart about how we each drink too much and how it does us no good, I only found out a month or so after as we were both so arseholed neither of us could actually remember it.
(Sun 27th Feb 2011, 9:49, More)

» Yum!

I made this for a friend, just thinking it looked good
But he thought it was supposed to insult him. Either way I was pretty proud of it

(Sat 29th Jun 2013, 15:51, More)