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» Losing it

Came back after a weekend visiting the folks and the flat was ROASTING HOT.

I'd left the oven on. For the entire weekend.
(Thu 21st Jul 2011, 14:25, More)

» The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

I found...
this recipe for lemon and semen cake this morning. Yes, I thought it was a typo too, until I read at the bottom 'You can experiment with flavors by asking your benefactor(s) to ingest different fruits.'

(Thu 26th May 2011, 14:28, More)

» Conversation Killers

My brother has special needs and when he comes to stay with me he often tells people 'I'm sleeping with my sister tonight.' Nothing kills a conversation like a hint of incest...
(Fri 13th May 2011, 23:21, More)

» Losing it

Spending 20 minutes in the queue in the wrong bank and, on a separate occasion, going into Burger King for a McFlurry.

When I got to the front of the queue and promptly turned around and walked out the staff must have thought I was absolutely nutso.
(Sat 23rd Jul 2011, 15:24, More)

» Ignorance


(Sun 2nd Sep 2012, 1:41, More)
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