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Oi oiii! Welcome to the party!

The Super Massive Raver Project is a 600 beats per minute ride through comedy YouTubes, Kung Fu, special effects and swearing. The steam train is thundering along at full speed now, so hold tight for regular episodes, a feature film and stupid songs, all coming in your face and ears like a particularly vigorous ravey gravy gun.

The Super Massive Project is a multimedia collaboration, so if you’re a famous person, DJ, musician, performer get involved and join our big, loved-up family. Free back rubs and glowsticks all round, yeah?!

Watch my fruity kung fu vids here. www.supermassiveproject.com

Warning. Mind the neon.

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» Irrational Hatred

They are NOT as good as they used to be.
Bring back doves and California sunrises. I don't want these things you need 10 of before you even get a mildly giddy nipple. I want my tits ripped off just from taking quarter.

And while we're at it, marmalade cats are a bit shit aren't they?
(Mon 4th Apr 2011, 23:37, More)