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» Evidence that you're getting old

I can't listen to Radio 1 anymore
The music is dire and is infected by RnB and hip hop. If I hear Eminem's voice again I'll be breaking the radio. DJs who are older than the target audience trying to act like they're 17 again doesn't sound great. And Scott Mills is a cock.
(Thu 28th Oct 2004, 17:41, More)

» Little things that turn you on

Fit girls in football kit.
Looks so wrong, but it looks so right.
(Fri 18th Feb 2005, 7:31, More)

» People with Stupid Names

Business cards
When working for a company that produces stationery, you often come across certain customers with interesting names. A local company, whose name I'll not divulge, had hundreds of staff and regularly requested new business cards.

The best name ever had to be Anil Mistry.
(Fri 27th Aug 2004, 22:43, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

But whether it hadn't been prepared properly remains a mystery. I was expecting it to taste like lettuce or cucumber or something, but when I tried it for the first (and last) time it tasted like dust.
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 12:11, More)

» Inventions You're Too Lazy To Make

During an English class at school
we were asked to come up with some inventions. I came up with the Dark Bulb which, when installed in a conventional light fitting or torch would plunge an area into complete darkness. The teacher did ask me about the benefits of such a device, to which I replied "probably nothing, but wouldn't it be cool?". She disagreed, but it was better than her self-drying clothes revelation (she'd obviously watched Back To The Future II the night before).
(Thu 8th Apr 2004, 8:34, More)
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