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» Old stuff I still know

I remember what my feet and genitalia look like.
Not really useless, because I haven't seen them in over a year.
Certain body parts are very prone to change, like thusly -
Pre-pregnancy: 32 B (fairly normal, nothing to write home about)
Pregnancy: 40 C (I need new clothes)
Breastfeeding: 34 DD (Holy mother of aaarrgh!)
That's a heavy load, that is.
(Thu 7th Jul 2011, 12:09, More)

» Racist grandparents

Not my grandmother but my mother
(well, she is over sixty now and has grandkids, so...)

Not just her own racism, but her accusations of racism are the stuff of legend. We're from the Middle East and have lived all over Europe. Once, when I mentioned I had hardly ever faced any racism, especially not in Germany, where it was supposedly rampant at the time, she was livid:

"Well, how about those school mates of yours who asked you whether you'd have to wear a headscarf during the holidays? And who didn't know how to eat a pomegranate? Our people have been living here for generations and they know nothing about them, how is that not racist?"

Yes, the way she sees it, not knowing any details about the culture or food of the people living in your country is proof of you being Adolf's direct descendant.

Herself, you ask? Well, again the way she sees it, she is the most progressive, revolutionary and non-discriminatory person that exists. But listen to her for a bit, and you will find that Europeans are filthy (because they wipe instead of washing their bum), Arabs are backward in addition to being disgusting, and Kurds are servile and treacherous, not to mention the reason for half the things going wrong in this country.

Sometimes I wonder how much time I have left before I find myself agreeing with her.

PS - Oh, and my father, her husband of a different country and culture - is famous for insulting his wife's country while in it (often loudly and drunkenly, having caused scandals and public outrage a few times) and adamantly defending it (quite as loudly and drunkenly) while in his own. They seem to deserve each other.
(Sun 30th Oct 2011, 17:17, More)