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» Overheard secrets

"I'm sure no one around me speaks this language!"
A Polish coworker once told me a of a bus ride into work where he overheard a fellow passenger speaking on the phone in his own native tongue! And here in America!

This wasn't any public bus, but a shuttle that runs between the subway and a world-class research center filled with PhDs like STI's at a reality show casting event.

We worked with all manner of Germans, Indians, and French, but he was the lone Pole. Imagine his excitement to hear Polish outside of his own home!

"He's talking on the phone," says my coworker. "And I can tell it's... someone special to him."

Yep. Without even lowering his voice this guy was "describing to... uh, this other person, what he was going to... DO to her when he got home."

He blushes brightly whenever I get him to repeat what this guy was saying, but to this day I could never get him to translate.
(Thu 1st Sep 2011, 0:44, More)