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I am a chicken flipper by trade, in a popular spicy chicken chain in Plymouth, where I came to study at university and proceeded to put my degree to greatly use (i.e sweet F/A).

I like spaghetti, the literary works of Douglas Adams, Ian Fleming and DBC Pierre, I also like cricket, Iron Maiden and strong dark beer brewed by those wizards/monks in Northern France/Belgium.

Aside from that I have my Lady Edward and may or may not leave Plymouth. It's true what they say, the Westcountry is at least a decade behind the rest of the country, we're only just getting uppity about a potential war in Iraq by the warmongers Blair and Bush.

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» Irrational people

been away a while, returning with a story...
back at uni, and to use the lingo of the boards...

~~~wavy lines~~~

me and Lady Edward were deep asleep in a shared 7 bed house in deepest darkest studentville, Plymouth. Our house had split into two factions, the chilled out laid back crowd and the uptight crowd who would freak out at any opportunity with a total failure to see sense or reason. Us, being chilled out, had had a nice evening in and gone to bed, all cosey and comfey and asleep we were awoken by the (shitfaced) uptight unreasonables outside my first floor bedroom being unreasonably loud and raucous, I took a deep breath and presumed they were going back out.

They didn't, it was late, I was tired, Lady Edward had been awoken, in a very English fashion I opened my door on the raucous crowd and asked them, politely, to keep it down as we were asleep and would prefer to go back to sleep.

They (well, the housemates, not their friends, their friends seemed quite understanding, assuming that the guy in his kecks, bleary eyed at the door of his dark bedroom would have rathered to have not been awake but was going to be polite in requesting a bit of quiet) went apeshit, the male started to get very uppetty, shouting etc until I got furious, I declared that violent threats were not very Bhuddist of him (he was a 'Buddhist' apparently) and might have called him a 'Fat Welsh C**t' at the time. He didn't take too kindly to this and spent the next 5 minutes with his fist parked 8 inches from my face whilst I stood unfazed and unthreatened shouting back at him.

They left soon after, he failed to look hard in front of his friends, I went back to sleep (after a cigarette and a hug) and I was left with the feeling of how irrational he had been after I calmly asked to keep the noise down.

tl:dr - person I lived in a house with got exceedingly cross after I calmly asked that they quieten down after they woke me up at around 2am.
(Sat 12th Oct 2013, 23:34, More)

» Irrational people

or there's always the story of who made the original Moses basket...
... not just and basket weavers, these were rush o' Nile people. Makers of the finest baskets made from rushes in the whole of Biblical times.
(Sat 12th Oct 2013, 23:38, More)

» Tantrums

Years ago (well, 3 years ago) a uni flatmate needed to borrow my laptop because his had broken due to a horrific accident mainly involving his clumsy nature, a glass of cider and the previous dozen glasses of cider.
Hungover, he asked to borrow my device the following day and duly I obliged, thinking he was going to be working on a probably overdue project. Upon the return of my device I was surfing the net and happened to notice a proliferation of smut, I confronted the wanker (see what I did there?!) to find that he had used my device mainly for auto erotic practices and not at all for his looming deadline.

And this is how (wait for it...) I ended up with a 'Tainted ROM'
(Thu 19th Jul 2012, 22:51, More)

» Clubs, gangs, and societies

Cubs. Was never abused, went on cool trips, did interesting things.
Scouts. Also fun, still no abuse. Got really boring.
Football. A career spanning around 8 years with only 1 trophy 'Sportsmanship'
PIAsoc. Politics and International Affairs society, became President and ran it and all was well
Book Club. (Secondary school) read books, ate cadburys chocolate fingers and drank fizzy pop
Cricket club. Wasn't played enough so couldn't improve my game enough to retain my position on tugs team. And we had a guy who played junior county level.
(Thu 28th Jun 2012, 10:33, More)

» Why will you burn in hell?

I obliterated a village
(Mon 16th Jul 2012, 23:18, More)
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