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Newish around here, though been lurking for ages.

My party piece:

So far peeps have liked this:

Leopard thing - oh it's appeared below



and this:

I'm into animated cats at the moment, probably some ten years behind everyone else, but hey:

One day I'll set up a gallery and stop putting me pics her.

If for some strange reason you feel an urgent need to contact me try ant at luddite dot clara dot net. The kettle's on and I've got some Pringles somewhere.

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Heavens to Betsy!
Optimising this cat took longer than making it.

(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 0:34, More)

The leopard that changed its spots
soon became extinct

(Sun 26th Jan 2003, 20:54, More)

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» Dad Jokes

Winnie-the-pooh quotes
Much as I admire the work of A.A.Milne, having the same lines quoted at you continually from the age of 3 to 33 (and no doubt beyond) does make it lose it's appeal somewhat.

There's a particular line, used whenever anyone opens a present at christmas or birthdays. From a tale about Eeyore's birthday when Pooh gives him an empty honeypot and Piglet gives him a burst balloon. Eeyore finds simple pleasure in his own way by putting the balloon in the pot and taking it out again saying "it goes in and out like anything".

Now everytime I have ever opened a present in front of my dad and thank the giver for the wonderful socks or whatever, he will, without fail, say "it goes in and out like anything".

May have been amusing once.
Hmmm, looking back at what I've written, I find it faintly disturbing...
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 10:04, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

I always hated custurd as a kid, but was continually informed by my parents that it was made out of "crunched up sweets" in effort to get me to eat it. Why they particulary wanted me to eat custurd I'll never know.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 14:24, More)

» Dad Jokes

Memories inspired by browsing other people's replies
Being a vegetarian, I also get "fancy a steak" every meal we take together.

For a period in my life I was totally vegan (I got better).

Which of course got referred constantly as "vogon", "vulcan" etc...
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 14:59, More)

» Mini Cabs From Hell

This brings back memories
In Leeds, a few years ago, four of us were on our way home from a club. We called a taxi frim we normally use, then this guy came screetching up. Too pissed to think too much about it - he was obviously "poaching" the fare, but fuck it - a ride home is a ride home.

Everyone else had been dropped off home, but I lived a couple of miles further out.

Fucking twat ran out of petrol, in a not particular pleaseant area of Leeds. I ended up walking the streets for another hour, with this driver and a petrol can while we attempted to locate an open petrol station.

To top it all, he had no money on him and was relying on our fare to get some petrol, so I had to "loan" him the money.

Two hours after being picked up I arrived home, only three miles away from the club.
(Thu 27th May 2004, 20:16, More)

» Dad Jokes

Just remembered another couple - both fart related
If someone (or he himself) farts, he shouts ' stop that' and then 'certainly sir, which way did it go?'

Or if someone lets out a right ripper he shouts 'don't tear it i'll take the piece'.

This question could easily be called boyfriend jokes - this is the kind of rubbish I come out with all the time with my partner and we haven't even spawned yet. Yes, she is still with me...
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 14:21, More)
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