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Maximus soon realised the Disadvantages,
of having no ears with predators around.

my first front page! woo!! hi mum!
(Mon 19th May 2003, 9:24, More)

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» Scars with history

When I was 6
years old, me and my sister were getting the old wallpaper off my walls with knives, as you do. she decided it'd be fun to kick me in the shins because I called her a stupid head, and so I chased after her flailing a knife around like a madman. She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door, and I hit the door, with my hand up, the other hand when smashing straight into the other one, with the knife ofcourse. It went right through my hand cutting the bone for my thumb in half and the point of the knife came out the other end.

I now have a scar on one side of my hand, and another at the other side where the point came out. It sucked.
(Mon 7th Feb 2005, 23:26, More)