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Hullo, and welcome :D

Well, umm... i like looking at things, particularly interesting things, and making things, also *borrowing* things (often, apologies in advance), and then there's all the doings.. amongst other things too..

not quite sussed the art of gif yet either, but i'm workin on it :))
space brews anyone?!

vibrating things for limited personal amusement...

HappyRDLI 4eva in aRE ARTZ..

the end is nigh

careless whisker..
good times

backing kitteh...
lcd love

get down...
hahaha :D

My god, it's full of something anyhows..
unsexy vid


shitty windmills :D
never gets

in my own words..
gasoline gut, vaseline mind

a gif.. yoo hoo!!
hot love on the plankton

another gif.. nyom nyom nyom

a bit of ris effect..

aaand another gif..

kiss me quick; it's cute, but it's not right..

a lovely wanking carpet..
no reason

bling my bell..

this is getting like the generation game..
cuddly toy

yeah, and?

mmm i do love a nice hot cuppa..
...mmm with biscuits

pork scratching..

any excuse..

ooo many

he is just misunderstood..
gone insane

my nephew is also lovin it..

i think you probably get the idea :)


and i only post this crap on b3ta.. for now.. WOO!!


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i'm about to ruin your breakfasts with this rubbish :(

shelf stacking IS important.. i can only apologise for the lack of horse. or panda.
(Mon 18th Feb 2013, 8:15, More)

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» Getting Old

its all relative...
i'm in my early 40s, (and at the time of writing) nagged by minor gripes like creaky knees and increasingly persistent tinnitus.. all lovingly cultivated through decades of physical abuse, noise, and reckless, carefree abandon :) but mostly, i feel blessed by the good stuff that comes with this age.. fair to say these days i'm happy with where my garden is at..

except that, my oldest uncle passed away unexpectedly last month, complications from prostate cancer. he was roughly three years into his diagnosis, and didn't quite make his 80th birthday. his ultimate decline was shocking regardless, which went from clear to routine scan to renal failure to pathway in the space of a couple of months. he was on the pathway for 5 days before he died.

good breeding and the miracles of modern technology have allowed my parent's generation to reach their late 60s and 70s intact and in reasonable health, and i'd never looked at them as being 'old', until now.. at his wake, looking round at my family and all those familiar faces gathered, i was completely overwhelmed, not only by his death, but by the enormity of (my generation's) impending loss, dumbstruck by how small and fragile most of them are looking now.. grief stricken, they seem to have crumpled overnight :(

huge sadness..
(Sat 9th Jun 2012, 1:54, More)