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After the Ikea riots of 2005:

We've got your number

George Foremans Mean Lean Licking Machine:

And why not have a Woo or 2:

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Er, well, gosh, crikey

(Wed 22nd Feb 2006, 23:07, More)

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» Amazing displays of ignorance

In a Tesco Metro...
I heard a teenage girl shout across the shop: 'what do potatoes look like?'

(sorry for lack of length)
(Wed 24th Mar 2010, 21:59, More)

» Pure Ignorance

In Tesco Metro
a young girl standing in the vegetable section, shouting to her mates at the other side of the shop:

'what do onions look like?'
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 13:29, More)

» I just don't get it

When 2 planes almost hit each other
It's called a 'near-miss'... it should be called a 'near-hit' surely?
(Tue 5th Apr 2005, 17:43, More)

» I just don't get it

Apparently we can't have BST all year round....
..... because farmers (especially in the north and Scotland) would have to milk their cows in the dark.

Why don't the farmers just get up later?... the cows don't have any concept of time
(Sat 2nd Apr 2005, 17:04, More)

» Pure Ignorance

At a bus stop a few months ago
Across the road is a poster for The film The Chronicles of Riddick', it looks similar to this:

Old man at stop starts talking to me:

Man: excuse me, what does that say?
Me: it says 'Riddick', it's a film
Man: is it about tennis?
Me: no, you're thinking of Roddick
Man: but he's holding a racket and ball
Me: no thats a sythe, the handle looks like a ball
Man: a what?
Me: a sythe, a curved knife
Man: why would he be holding a knife?
Me: well I suppose to kill people
Man: no, that's definately a tennis racket

I left it there, really couldn't be bothered to argue any more
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 12:38, More)
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